DVD Každý mladý muž


  • Pavel Juráček
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  • CDN $26.00 (US $18.20) CDN $10.00 (US $7.00)
  • Duration: 83 min.
  • Sub-titles: Czech
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Film Pavla Juráčka s Pavlem Landovským v hlavní roli je příběhem dvou mladých mužů ve vojenských uniformách.



Jurácek's feature debut is shot in two parts. In the first, a corporal accompanies a new recruit with a sore Achilles tendon for his physical, and all the girls or young women they see are played by the same actress (Ruzickova). In the longer second segment, shot with the help of the Czechoslovak army, the soldiers pass the time during basic training and maneuvers by talking about girls. At the end of their training they plan a large dance on their base with women bused in from the local village.

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