An Inexplicable Story


  • Josef Škvorecký
An Inexplicable Story Tell a friend
  • CDN $30.00 (US $22.50) CDN $15.00 (US $11.25)
  • 182 pages
  • ISBN: 1552633683
  • Publisher: Key Porter Books
  • Published Date: 2002
  • Cover: Hard Cover
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V angličtině.

Napínavý román Josefa Škvoreckého je o dávných dějinách, napětí, lásce a sexuálních hrátkách…


In an urn, sealed in the wall of an ancient Central American tomb, a mysterious manuscript has been found. The archaeologists who find it are perplexed…

The manuscript is subjected to ’every available test and to detailed linguistic scrutiny.’ It is not a hoax.

Although the scroll is damaged, it can be read, and it draws a detailed picture of the childhood and youth of the author. Questus is 19, an aspiring inventor who would like to create marvelous new machines for the Imperial army. His father is a remote figure, a military commander who is usually away on campaign. His mother, however, is anything but remote. Still young and delightfully pretty, she is a favourite of the Emperor and also of the poet Ovid (as a child Questuscalled him ’Uncle Ovid’). Ovid’s The Art of Love has just been published, and the young diarist and his friends scrutinize it for sexual secrets, hidden meanings and scandal. Slowly, Questus realizes that one of those secrets involves his own mother…Š

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