Nuda v Čechách / Sixty-Eight Publishers


  • Alexandr Kliment
Nuda v Čechách / Sixty-Eight Publishers Tell a friend
  • CDN $28.00 (US $23.80)
  • 220 pages
  • ISBN: 0-88781-067-5
  • Publisher: Sixty-Eight Publishers
  • Published Date: 1978
  • Cover: Soft Cover
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Děj se odehrává v roce 1967, hlavní hrdina řeší dilema, zda emigrovat, zda se podřídit režimu.

Sixty-Eight Publishers, 1979, 60. publikace


Kondice: nová


Boredom in Bohemia began to circulate in Prague in 1976 and immediately gained recognition as a significant contribution to both the art of literature and the understanding of the author's contemporaries.

Exile literature, condition: new.

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