401 Czech Verbs


  • Davies a Hejduková
401 Czech Verbs Tell a friend
  • CDN $98.00 (US $68.60)
  • 320 pages
  • ISBN: 80-239-726-X
  • Publisher: Bruce Davis
  • Published Date: 2006
  • Cover: Soft Cover
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“401 Czech Verbs” fills a gap that exists in textbooks and dictionaries for students of the Czech language. All serious students of Czech will want this book to supplement their textbook and dictionary. This is the only book that provides information on the conjugation of over 2100 verbs. More importantly, this is the only book that provides a simple way to look up the prepositions and cases associated with these verbs. The verbs are paired as imperfective and perfective.


Simple rules for conjugation of all tenses
The 7 cases clearly explained
Idiomatic expressions
Easy to use declension tables
Everything is condensed and easy to find
More useful than a dictionary!


Included is a “Tourist Survival Guide”, which is recommended for any tourist planning to visit Prague. The culture in the Czech Republic is unlike any other in the world. Tourists who come to Prague unprepared are in serious danger of becoming victims to the Czech sense of humor. A major peril for tourists is Czech taxi drivers. What you save on your first taxi fare will pay for this book…




401 CZECH VERBS is a long awaited breakthrough in the technology of studying the Czech language. The results were undeniable. Students, who were able to see in print, and look up the conjugation of individual verbs, could much more quickly understand how to communicate.

401 CZECH VERBS fills a gap, which exists in the Czech textbooks and dictionaries. It works as a supplement to them. It provides the complete conjugation of Czech verbs. It also has more than 1280 additional Czech verbs conjugated like model verbs. In total over 1680 verbs are listed. In addition, this is the only book that provides a way to look up the prepositions and cases associated with these verbs. Without knowing the preposition and case associated with a verb, writing a sentence in Czech is at best a difficult, time-consuming guess. Using this book, it is now possible to easily write sentences in Czech.

401 CZECH VERBS includes a chapter which explains concisely and logically in English how perfective, imperfective, reflexive and modal verbs are used and how to conjugate them. It explains how the verbs affect word order in a sentence, verb use in compound sentences and much more. There is also another short chapter which explains simply and clearly how and why each of the cases is used, which case to use, and how many of the verbs and prepositions are used with each case.

401 CZECH VERBS provides beginners a clear short overview and explanation of the basic structure of the language. In the main body of the book, where the 401 verbs are conjugated, examples of the verbs are shown in use. The examples explain the preposition and case required by the verb, and how the other words in the sentence are altered by the use of the preposition and case. Advanced students can benefit from the easy to use conjugation tables and from knowing the cases and prepositions associated with each of the 1680 verbs precisely defined in the indexes.

401 CZECH VERBS is concisely organized. It provides an easy way to look up definitions, cases, tenses, and much more. In addition there is included a “Tourist Survival Guide”, which will benefit tourists planning to visit Prague and two large indexes of Czech and English verbs.

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